Lord Devid of the fourth Squad
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Lord Devid with a beautiful smile and haircut
Some attributes
Homeworld Age: Unknown Presumed to be around since the beginning
Height Type: God
Weight First Appearance: Chapter 2 Beginning of time Testament (James creates the animals and meets another god)
Other attributes
Species Died December 24th, aged 61

Died in New York City

Diet Cause of death: Big Fuckin Scary Sharks
Lord Devid of the fourth squad, was presumeably around since the beginning of time.  Lord Devid was known for his good looks, great hairstyle and his massive amount of brain power or IQ as the mortals might call it. Lord Devid of the fourth squad was first met by James a couple of days after James created the universe, and it was love at first sight for James.

Beginning of time testamentEdit


Old testamentEdit


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