James Bryan
James when he was a young lad and mortal
Some attributes
Homeworld Age: Unknown
Height Occupation: God, Ruler, Planet collider
Weight First Appearance: Beginning of time Testament (James Creates the universe)
Other attributes
Species Type: God
Diet Died December 25th, aged 70

Died in New York City

Enemies Cause of death: Alcohol poisoning
James Bryan also known as Lord and Savior, The almighty one, the greatest ever and of course just James. James created the universe when it was just oblivion. James is one of the five gods in the world, the gods consist of Samuel Feenan, Paul Schultz and Lord Devid of the fourth squad. Some speculate Herbert Halsell to be a god but I would quickly consider that to be farce. 

James becomes mortalEdit


Future Testament of JamesEdit


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