It was 11:00 AM on a Thursday, James sat in the court room sipppin on James and sizzurp. An officer of the law stared at James, the tag on the officers wrinkled blue shirt read Officer Fartaroni.

James snickered to himself, "Fartaroni" he whispered softly. James, get ready to go to court - Officer Fartaroni replied. James got lost in his mind, his thoughts consisted of weiners and touching it wasn't for the average mans mind, but a god.

A mortal clenched between the war and thought. James had 0 time for those petty matters. James was here on offical business, One of his disciples Mike needed his flu shots. JAMES BRYAN" called the plantiff . James stood up from the decrepid bench and walked into the courtroom.

Judge Marooney is present, James laughed out loud Judge Marooney! That was one of the guys James gave anal Herpes too. James spoke softly and loudly. "If it pleases the court, I want flu shots for my disciple and close friend Mikey "Diarrhea Breath" Johnson! The judge let out a hearty laugh and ate a bowl of delicious James Bryan Flakes. James Bryan Flakes part of a nutritional breakfast! James Bryan Flakes golden crispy and delcious made of soylent Protein with nutritional energy every James Bryan Supporter needs!

The judge furled his brow and in a muffled voice said Fine, James for the great sex I'll give your disciple Mike free flu shots.

James went on his merry way. Spreading more cheer!


James goes to court for one of his disciples Mike who needed his flu shots. Judge Marooney is present, James gave Judge Marooney herpes. Judge Marooney gives James what he wants cause of the great sex.

Interesting FactsEdit

First time Judge Marooney is introduced

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