It was a sunny day in the Miami Beaches, James had himself a 6 pick of vodka with orange juice which he cleverly disguised as orange Juice. His bong was in hand and when people stopped and stared at him he said "What you never see a man smoking tobacco from a water pipe?" They laughed and said Thank you James.

James was always known for running the planet, he liked to pretend he was mortal though, to be nice to the weak people. James heard screaming nearby, he saw a woman swimming from a huge fin. James yelled "I'm coming baby girl". James dived into the murky depths and swam speeds of a gazelle running from a cheetah! He charged right into the shark, a big ass shark great white at least 20 meters long. James laughed and pet the shark. The shark calmed down, James mounted the great beast.

James told the woman to get on the back of the beast and she did. The shark took them to shore. James thanked the shark and said I'll call you James! The shark smiled a wide eyed grin. It was a nice day for James. The woman took James into the bathroom stall and they fucked, James gave her herpes and went on his way.


James is in Miami Beach. James notices a woman screaming from a huge shark fin she spotted. James dives in and tames the shark, James mounts it and the woman gets on the shark. James fucks the woman in the bathroom stall and gives her herpes

Interesting factsEdit

James goes to the beach in this chapter.

James has the power to tame sharks.

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