It has been 12James nights since James met Devid the lord from the 4th squad . James forgot about that glorious day until now. James was on his way home from the metal factory after a long tuff day. James was ready to go home and get drunk and smoke a blunt with craig however on the side of the road he saw a familar face. Was this who he thinks it is? It couldnt be! James shouted from his Jamesmobile HEY YOU! YOU DEVID HASSEL LORD OF THE 4th SQUAD M8!? Devid with long shaggy hair holding a sign reading John Hopkins drop out with suck dick for food replied why yes God James. James felt bad for Devid so he gave him herpes and an uncrustable that he was sitting on to keep warm.


James comes home from his job and sees Lord Devid of the fourth squad. Lord Devid is doing badly and needs money, James feels bad so he gives him herpes and an uncrustable.

Interesting factsEdit

It had been 12 James nights seen James met Lord Devid of the fourth squad

This chapter was written by Disciple Mike

Lord Devid is reintroduced and he is mortal as well.

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