It was mid october, James favorite holiday was coming up Hallowerween or JamesBryanween as James called it! Craig came up to James and licked his hand. It felt like a man was splashing gatorade on his hand gently. James stepped outside of his front door, it was cold and somewhat musty. James looked around at his surroundings, the trees bent in the wind and he looked at the top of the tree. He couldn't believe what he saw, it was Herbert Halsell . A peasant of the fifth squad. James called out "Ey u Herbet Halsell?" Herbert replied in a soft spoken voice, "Yes I heard you are a god James. James replied with a quick response consisting of just a simple "Yes". Herbert yelled with such excitment piss erupted from his shorts and flooded the market. James was confused and walked back inside.

He walked back outside moments later and spotted Herbert. He was still sitting in the tree with the piss pants, the yellow liquid piss dripping from his pants onto the grass where the sloths started to emerge from the trees hollow hole and head towards the piss. James shouted to Herbert "Hey, aren't you brothers with Lord Devid of the fourth Squad ?" Herbert shouted back "Yeah, James! My brother told me about you, and all the great stuff you made! Unfortunately my brother is making me pay for not being as smart as him so I was sent to Earth as a mortal.

James laughed and said "Classic Lord Devid of the fourth Squad! Hey uh, you know where I can find your brother, Herbert?" Herbert replied back "No, all I know is he is temporarily a mortal on James right now, somewhere in this state at least. I think you could find him hopefully at least!" "Thanks Herbert I'll see you around sometime..." James said, as he walked back inside the house.


James goes outside and sees Lord Devid Halsells brother, Herbert . Herbert pisses himself from excitement, and Herbet is sitting in the tree as punishment by Lord Devid Halsell. James asks where Lord Devid is, Herbet doesn't know.

Interesting factsEdit

Second time Herbet Halsell is mentioned in the scriptures.

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