James, he was back in action. The universe had been made, the world created and his religion finally started. Alas, James felt like something was missing.. but what could it be? James thought long and hard to himself. Long and Hard. Long and Hard. Long and Hard. Suddenly, a mysterious voice called to James, "Ey Papi who you be? Jajajaja" James looked around and saw the mystery man, it was a dark skinned, black haired Peruvian shit lord. James fucking hated Peruvians, and this must of been the asshole who created them. "Who are you" James asked.</p>

The Peruvian smiled, his rotten brown teeth were shown as maggots crawled all around his mouth. "I am Peruvian Sam, pleasure to meet you. I hope you don't mind the new race I created down there, they are called Peruvians, I hope you enjoy them. They enjoy fuckin' your DOTA games and acting like pure assholes."</p>

James was pissed, and yelled at the Peruvian, "Why the fuck did you make this useless race and let them inhabit my planet? I fuckin' made everything! I suggest you fuckin' ask me before you make anything. Got it asshole?" The Peruvian's smile turned to frown almost instantaneously, he spoke softly and replied "CTM noob I create anything I want"</p>

This pissed James off and James took a couple of steps and was right in front of the Peruvian, James could smell this shit heads fear a mile away but he also exhumed an aura of confidence, most likely false confidence but still. "James, I will do what I want when I want, I am a god like you. I retain ownership of this galaxy as well."</p>

"Yeah, you keep thinking that to yourself" James said as he burped right in the Peruvian's face. The Peruvian puked a little as he smelt and tasted that burp in an instant. It was god awful, it smelled like bologna with mayonnaise on it, and tasted just like it. The Peruvian was furious now, he took a swing at James but James was too quick he dodged the hit and retaliated with a kick. The kick shot through the Peruvians stomach out to the other side. The Peruvian quietly wept and repeating "jajajajaja" as he passed onto his final cycle of life.</p>

"Well, that takes care of that, but do I remove the Peruvians or not...? Sigh, I guess I'll leave em' they don't matter to me fuck em."</p>


Jame's world is going good. A peruvian god appears, James kills the peruvian god and leaves the peruvian mortals on James.

Interesting factsEdit

First mention of Peruvian Sam and last appearance of Peruvian Sam

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