James the almighty one, the planet collider, the ultimate decision maker. He who hath grasped life and thrown into thy pail. In comparison to the following lifeforms James grasped, groveled and astonishingly thrived into this new universe he has created. James had conquered before, he had fucked another god and with ease. He had released the god back into the breadth of Lord Devid of the fourth squad.

James had another plan in mind, this one was to spectate evolution set forth, and so James was off, the divine one with his everlasting insight into the world had come to focus unto his creations on James. He had noticed two of them had evolved! Into a man and woman! James at last had noticed them his plans of evolution into a more intelligent species had come into fruitation. These two early "humans" had horns on their head, two which indistinctly stuck out like a sore thumb on a Friday night. These beings also had red crosses among their backs, the work of another god tempting and symbolizing in his work? A possibility but it was not for James to decide. James had come into these two beings and let his shining glorious presence be known to them! James took a deep breath and bellowed out "Hello there! Welcome to James, I am your creator James, I have conquered I have sown the depths of the Keller Billers and I will conquer the seven golden kingdoms of promise!"

The early humans looked up at James and they could not believe their eyes! They had just witnessed their creator, the savior, the planet collider! James the almighty one! They stood in awe, there jaws dropped and they couldn't move, they felt alive and awake. Time felt finely slower for them!

James knew they would not speak upon the graciousness the father of all life and time, they could not hath spoken without thy tongues tied to the wall and bled upon! James decided to let them know who he decided they were to be called and if they were worth being saved! "You are both now known as the first two beings who have an intelligence you will both be called Cole, you will follow my laws and in this universe this is James law, you will do thy bidding".

Suddenly, the universe shook violently, James sensed it, he couldn't believe it... It was him... it was Ethan Bryan! Ethan Bryan was standing near James his short brown hair flowed in the wind like cute koala bear. His glasses shined like the pearls from Pirates of the Caribbean. Ethan Bryan was James'  twin brother. Although, unlike James, Ethan wasn't as powerful as James that was for damn sure, but they say Ethan had the better looks, he looked like Coleman Parson's Disciple Trevor's roommate, AKA it ment he was cute as all hell!

I write these days to speak of James, but my plight has set forth unto a great divide, James had no problem freeing slaves, it depended on the slave though, James hardly cared about slaves it wasn't for him to decide some might say. James was sometimes merciful and sometimes merciless but he was a god you could just hug for ever he was a great god, a champion, a merciless warrior who made Justin Bieber jizz his pants in a glorious fulfillment unto him.

James spoke to the first humans, he told them to rise and conquer, unfortunately for them, they vanished before his eyes as a T-Rex stepped unto their fragile, fragile, bodies. James saw this and laughed quite loud, some might have said it sounded like a damn chuckle but I would disagree and say it almost sounded like a guffaw!

James was a creator of fortitude and patience, he could wait, he could dine, he could live! He awaited the return of the next human beings and they came into fruition. James liked how they looked he thought about calling them James and James Jr, but he decided to give them free will this time and he let them name themselves, the two new humans sat down and thought for a while. They decided upon the name Eric and Mike , they were the original disciples and some might call them the Adam and Eve of the generation! Although, technically they were both Adam and Adam. There are rumors they made love under the first tree of Dawn which bestows a blessing of horns on your penis to enlighten the mind and finish it. James was great gifted and a savior, a pleasant one, a merciless one, undecidable one. James had looked unto his two new humans and called said to them,

"You two are the original disciples! Welcome to James, I am the creator of this world. I am from Planet James, All I ask of you is to worship me and love me, as well as follow my laws. If you do in fact break one of these laws, a hail James is in order. Depending on the severity of the law it may require additional Hail James."

"A hail James goes as so; Hail James Bryan, full of James Bryan, James Bryan is with thee, blessed art thou James Bryan, and blessed is the James Bryan of thy James Bryan. holy James Bryan, Father of James bryan, pray for us James soldiers now and at the hour of James Bryan, I am smoke of thy James goodness Trees and awaken my mind with thy Vodka and skillful hierarchy, forever and In James we trust, Amen."

The two original Disciples Mike and Eric looked at the gracious lord and bowed their heads and knelt before him.

"Lord James, we will follow your law and spread your name from now till the end of time! We promise and we hold unto this lord James forever and now and always!"

And so it was done, James had successfully spread his religion unto the Earth. James thought for a minute, if he wanted to continue this religion he would need to destroy off these dinosaurs first though and create more passive creatures. James put a barrier on his two disciples and James took out his hammer of creation. He swung onto the Earth and all the Dinosaurs were lost. Only onto the sands of time were they to be seen again! James got rid of the barrier and began to tell his disciples his plans for the future.


James examines Earth (James) First humans have horns on head, Ethan Bryan makes an appearance he is Jame's twin brother. Adam and Adam are created the first humans, Disciple Eric and DiscipleMike . James creates Jamesbryantology and to obey his commands.

Interesting factsEdit

The first time a Hail James is mentioned

Introduced Disciple Mike and Disciple Eric

Humans had horns on their heads in the beginning of time

Ethan Bryan is introduced for the first time

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