20 days later James could feel the cold breeze on his pinky toe. That meant one thing to James, Anthonys Cold Fired Slavic Sausages. James rushed to the kitchen forgetting his bong was in his hand! James Mom stared at him, she excalimed "JAMES YOU BASTARD WHAT R U DOING SMOKIN WEED M8?" James looked back and said, I forgot sorry. Jame's mom forgot hes a high school kid and those kids are prone to smoke weed. She forgave him but told him James! Remove that bong from this house immediatly. James left the house with the bong in hand, he stepped into the cool night shade of the howling piece brosnan. He sat back relaxed as he realized he was alone for a bit, he put the bong up to his lips and took a hit, he then forgot he had homework to do so James got an F.


James goes to the kitchen forgetting his bong is in hand. James mom yells at him but forgives him. James forgets he has homework so he gets an F

Interesting FactsEdit

Anthony cold fired slavic sausages are mentioned in this chapter

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