James last seen creating the universe, making everything from animals to beings James felt bored so he removed his powers temporarily besides his immortality and superhuman strength. He then headed down to the planet James and see what it was like living with mortals.

It was 3:00 PM James was in his history class learning about James Franklin, James sat back in his chair and said out loud "Wow James Franklin what a great name!" James classmate Jeremy leaned over and whispered in James ear, "James check out dem poka dotted pants on Rebecca" James squinted and tried to locate the poka dotted pants on Rebecca, his eyes not the same since the incident in the metal factory. He spotted them! At last James said out loud! "Fantastic girl panties baby"! Rebecca turned around with a huge grin, she then started to bite on her lip and walked up to James and whispered in his ear, "Meet me by the girls bathroom James, I can't resist your delicious looks anymore!" James waited two minutes then got up and said to the teacher, "Mrs Juniper I need to use the restroom" Mrs Juniper replied "Sure James!"

James walked to the girls bathroom where he saw Rebecca she already had her pants off and she was sitting on top of the sink, James could feel his 20 inch penis get a boner, it turned from a 20 inch penis into a 40 inch penis. James stuck it in and the horns on Jame's penis' grew 2x in size and they literally ravaged Rebecca. She was enlightened, she could see everything she knew the meaning of life at that moment.

A beam of light erupted on her after Jame's finished. She exclaimed "Oh my fucking god are you JAMES BRYAN? THE GOD???!" "Yep" James replied. "You are off to Planet James you are now enlightened enjoy it." James exclaimed. James walked back to class and enjoyed the rest of his day learning about the mortals.

James woke up the next morning, he had a earth mom who he picked he also had a sister he despised but James gave 0 shits and continued to study the humans. James watched as the masses flocked to his church the church of Jamesbryantology, where they studied his moves and read from The James every day. James could feel the prayers surging into him he heard them all, he didn't act on a lot of them. He had his ways for why, he couldn't explain why now. Perhaps in the future James thought.

James Trees were James favorite thing in the world but his biggest problem with being a mortal was he started from the age of 1 to now and he wasn't old enough to drink vodka or smoke James Trees! They also cost a lot of money a concept James wasn't familiar with at first but then James remembered he knew literally EVERYTHING. Only thing that Jame's didn't know was there was another being in the world, another god perhaps? James wasn't sure he still couldn't believe the day he met Devid Lord of the Fourth Squad. He wanted to meet him again, he had so many questions.


James removes his god powers and becomes a mortal to live on Earth. Rebecca one of Jame's classmates tells him to meet her by the girls bathroom. James rams her, she is enlightened and learns the meaning of life. James wakes up next morning, he has a mortal mom and a sister. James loves two things the most in world, James Trees, and vodka.

Interesting FactsEdit

First time Rebecca is introduced and last time James sees her.

First time you find out Jame's penis is 20 inches soft and 40 inches hard with two 6 inch horns on his penis.

First time James is mortal.

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