4:45 PM UTC on a Monday. James was in Somalia, one of his disciples Anna was kidnapped by what he hated most, negros. James had to work fast he knew those savage apes would tear a white woman apart in a matter of hours. At most he had 24 hours to find her.

James was in the negro capital, he was depressed about it, the sky was a greenish hue of green. The air reeked of rotten negro and old taters being harvested for gold. The skyline looked as if a negro made it using 2 shovels and a ice pick. Jame's wasn't happy about having to go here but he knew he had to save the girls life.

James opened his backpack to retrieve his negro translator he walked up to the nearest negro cortez and asked on if he knew where the local gang stayed. The negro recognizing the face of James knew exactly what to do about it. He said Yeah, they are in West Somalia, near the river. In a bar called Charles and the Chicken factory.

James hailed a cab and went on his way. James loaded up his M-16, put his knife in the hidden sheathe on his leg and began to walk into the bar, he pulled out a smoke grenade and tossed it in. He then followed the smoke and opened fire. All James could hear was blood curtling screams as the whole bar exploded with gun fire.

James started laughing as the bullets whizzed into the air hitting each and every patron from here to tim buck two. James now laughing like a maniac even scared off the local police force who were about to investigate. James after he finished all the local goons. Looked into their mirror and said James, your one handsome guy James. James replied with a quick and relaxed "Thanks, James." James walked up to Anna and he said "Would you like to have sexual intercourses?" Anna said Heck Yes James and James gave her Herpes. He then headed back to to the states.


One of Jame's disciples Anna is kidnapped in Somalia, James has to get her back. James kills all the kidnappers and rescues her, James rams her and gives her herpes then they head back to the states.

Interesting factsEdit

First time Disciple Anna is mentioned in the scriptures.

First time James goes to Somalia

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