James was in a huge cargo plane, along with his friends and comrades. It was James, Paul Schultz , Samuel's robots and Paul Schultz's Mexican Chalupa Clan. James leg was killing him, he had numerous incidents where his leg was injured, he couldn't even walk on it, he had crutches and a cast on it.

James had a lot of adrenaline flowing through him though, he finally knew where MLK was, in Cuba! James should have known but how could he have? James stared across the walls of the plane and sat in agony, his leg was unbearable this wasn't going to be easy.

"James, we are almost there, this won't be difficult, we just need to locate MLK, the Cuban's wont bother us, and we just sent his whole army to kill you."

"Yeah, I guess, but MLK always has some sort of plan, trust me Paul, it's not going to be easy, this guy has alway's escaped my wrath."

"Hey, James, don't think like that bro, will it help if I give you a backrub bro?"</p>

"Uhh, Yeah I guess, thanks."

Paul walked over to Jame's side of the plane and began giving him a back rub, James got a bit of a chub but Paul being the good guy he was pretended not to notice. The plane was shaking violently from the wind, they were close to MLK real close.

The intercom interrupted James' back rub with

"We are now over MLK's location please use the parachutes and exit the plane now."

James, Paul and the Chalupas put on their parachutes and one by one jumped out of the plane into the darkness below. James was falling fast, this was the first time he has ever done this. James liked the cold wind on his face it felt like a ragamuffin partaking of a grilled cheese sandwich. James couldn't see Paul or the Chalupas, he knew it was a bad idea to parachute at night. It was pitch black besides the ground which was brightly lit with all the street posts.

James was getting close to the ground so he popped his parachute an d started to mentally and physically prepare for the landing. It was an intense experience for James, one of the biggest moments of his life. He had to get revenge for everything that happened and just like that a flashback appeared in Jame's mind he remembered everything MLK had done, put his two original disciples into a coma, killed his two other disciples Richard and Trevor and of course made many attempts on Jame's life.

James had enough of MLK's shit it was time to end this. As soon as James landed on the pavement of the street he looked around to locate MLK's fortress/bunker. He spotted it, it was a huge mansion with a long gray pave-way. James started to head towards it when he heard thousands of bullets going off, MLK must of had more soldiers! "Fucking shit!" James thought to himself. He couldn't lose more of his friends there was no fucking way for this to happen for James.

James with his trusty knife Ol' Titty and his AK-47 in hand rushed up MLK's complex, James could see several African American Agents who were firing upon the Chalupas, James opened fire on them easily killing them off. "Nice shot James" Paul yelled. James blushed, smiled and even brushed his teeth and headed up the driveway into MLK's mansion. He looked up at the top of the stairs and saw MLK with a look of terror on his face. James grinned and started to run up the stairs, he ripped off his pink short shorts and his giant cock emerged.

James gave chase to MLK into his room. MLK pulled out his pistol but James slowed down time and shot it out of his hand. James looked over to MLK

"Finally, MLK your time has come!"

"James come on, we can talk about this, I didn't mean any of it! I swear please PLEASE don't kill me, you won't see me ever again I promise I PROMISE JAMES" MLK pleaded

James smirked and rubbed his cock, its time for you to take your ramming MLK. James grabbed a hammer from the table and smashed it onto MLK's back stunning him for a second. James pulled off MLK's pants and shoved his penis into MLK's asshole. MLK screamed so loud it felt like the earth shook. MLK died right then and there the penis's bull horns tore up MLK's insides immediately and he was ravaged by Jame's penis.

James had finally done it he couldn't believe it. James put back on his shorts and collapsed on the ground and started to cry tears of happiness.


James is in a cargo plane. Samuel Feenan and his robot army, Paul Schultz and the Chalupas are with him. They all parachute down to assault MLK's compound. James kills some of MLK's men then enters MLK's compound. James rams MLK to death. James cries tears of happiness.

Interesting factsEdit

MLK dies this chapter due to a ramming one of the worst possible ways to die.

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