Saturday, April 2nd 2013, James was at the olympics. He was chosen to wrestle for America. James was wearing a red, white and blue american Unitard. He had black shoes with golden shoe laces. He was ready to bring home the gold for America.

Barack Obama walked up to James and said Hi, James! James told the nigger to leave. Barack Obama put down his head and walked at a steady pace away from James.

James had been practicing his whole life for this, and by practicing I mean he sat there eating chips and drinking vodka. James was particulary fond of mint chocolate chip icecream so what James thought "Its a great flavor"

James opponent was a wrestler named Nameed Kariunam a Russian Muslim, who although had the bigger frame than James defiantly didn't have more strength. Nameed Kariunam was dressed in a Russian Unitard he had black thick hair that kind of looked like a jewfro. James started laughing at the thought of his Jewfro haircut. James coach Martin Wakooie came over, he said James, I know you mad all the strategies yourself so go win this and bring the gold home for the USA James!

James was bored so he went to this car an hour before his wrestling match started, He got into the car and proceeded to drive to the nearest bar. His liver hungered like an angry lizard with a taste for blood. James stepped into the bar, the name of the bar read Olympians Choice . James looked around, the bar was old, it had cold, grey stone walls. The floor was black stone and was filled with minuscule cracks.

James walked up to the bartender he said how are you old bean? The bartender replied with "Are you thy James Bryan?" "Why you might be a god my dear fellow" James grinned and said "Yep, I be James thank you". The bartender replied with "these drinks are on the house James!" James ordered 2 large shots of vodka. He finished them quickly and walked out of the bar before the shots took effect.

As he was driving back to the olympic stadium he realized the shots were starting to take effect, he started singing ashton kutchers new song on the top of his lungs! the lyrics went as so "Harrisons a faggot I hate rich kids, Harrisons a fagggot I hate Rich kids" James was so happy.

He arrived at the stadium bored and ready to go. They announced the 2 wrestlers names and James went in, the round started. James shot a double and started chuckling cause he remembered he had gential herpes and if he bled hopefully this wrestler could get it. James took the other wrestler down with a double easy, he scored 3 points and everyone started to chant "Good guy James gets a double and doesn't even!"

James kept scoring points advancing way ahead of the Muslim wrestler. It was over James had won the gold for the USA. The interviewer walked over and said Hi James, how easy was this win for you James? James kek'd and released a loud fart that the entire stadium could protrude as quite a fantastic fart. It was another fantastic day for James


James wrestles in the olympics he was chosen to wrestle for America. James decides to go to a bar before the match, James gets drunk then wrestles. He wins easily and gets the gol dfor the USA.

Interesting factsEdit

First time Nameed Kariunam is introduced.

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