Chapter 0 Crowning Glory TestamentEdit

t's now quite far into the future around 42 years later. Jame's is sixty years old in mortal years. The world has accomplished much since James had killed Martin Luther King, world peace was imminent, Africa was still starving like a chicken on a wazoo. James was happy with what had been happening. He made this world a much better place since the passing of Martin Luther King.

But not everything was for the better, Jame's two original disciples Eric and Mike were still in a coma. James couldn't believe they hadn't awoken in forty five years, but James knew it in his heart they would awaken before he passed on as a mortal. James also had lost his right leg about a couple of months after he had killed off Martin Luther King, he had it replaced with a very advanced and intelligent cybernetic leg. James also wore an eye patch, which doubled as a cybernetic enhancement, it had several features it allowed James to see peoples penis size, it had night vision mode and thermal vision mode and it could see the some interesting statistics and facts about a person.

James had rough long black grayish hair now, it went down to about his shoulders, James also had a long black lumberjack beard which made James almost look homeless. In fact, James was about to become homeless! He was currently laid off from the Drug Enforcement Agency for smoking too much James trees and partaking of a little bit too much James Skag. James had a real bad addiction to James Skag and it was causing serious problems to James health

Although James had killed off MLK, it didn't bring back any of his disciples and he was very depressed almost at the point of being suicidal. James wouldn't kill himself though, he was strong and James Skag helped a lot. James had panic attacks almost daily, he could contain them a little bit with his vodka though. James was a mess at this point in his life.</p>

James was only half way through his lifespan now, as most humans at this stage in life live till around one hundred and twenty years old! James was missing his friends in his life, Samuel Feenan was CEO and director of Microsoft. Paul Schultz and the Mexican Chalupa clan were MIA last James heard of them was they were robbing banks down in Miami. Lastly, James love and his elixir of life, Lord Devid Halsell of the fourth squad was in New York City, he was part of NASA but the rumors were he was going mad and was locked in his office, ninety percent of the time creating insane contraptions.

James paced around his room, he decided upon getting more James Skag, so he grabbed his brown coat and left his apartment in Brickell, Miami. He hailed a cab and told the cabbie to head to Liberty City, Miami. James arrived at his destination and got out of the car, he looked over and saw the house. James quickly walked over to the door and knocked the code. A huge black man opens the door and stares James down, he leans over to James and whispers in his ear "Cute haircut Yames, is that beard itchy nigga?" James giggled and replied "Jess"

The burly black man then went back in and motioned for James to follow. James was lead into the dark, damp house which looked like it was owned and operated by a crazy cat lady. James knew the guy who owned this place though,his name was Andre, he was a scumbag shithead who James fucking hated. James walked into the living room and saw Andre holding a woman against a wall, he yelled at her

"Fucking bitch, think you can just eat whenever you want? You eat when I fucking say you can eat"

That's when Andre grabbed her head and smashed it against the wall. James didn't give a fuck at this point and time, he was tired and depressed he needed his James Skag.

"Yo James what it do lil bitch nigga?"

James' face turned red and he was pissed, he muttered

"No one calls me a lil bitch nigga..."

James quickly kicked the burly black man who escorted inside, James hit the back of his shin with his cybernetic leg. James could hear the leg snap and the black man screamed out. Andre reacted quickly and yelled "This light skinned nigga gon crazy, help!" He pulled out a pistol and ducked behind his couch.

James quickly took cover by a wall and took out his black hole pistol, approximate price; 400 million dollars, a gift from Samuel Feenan a couple of years back. The Black Hole Pistol was interesting, it shoots a mini black hole on contact with skin, as the black hole gets created on your skin it quickly sucks out all of your skin and bones. The Black Hole lasts just a couple of seconds and kills in thirty seconds or less.

James heard the rustling of feet coming down the stairs, Andre's negro cousins! Shit, this wasn't going to be easy! James turned on his thermal vision with his eye patch and scanned his surroundings, he found at least four to five negros in the area counting, Andre. James was pushed against the wall as they all opened fire with their shitty laser pistols, most likely bought on a street corner.

James gave zero fuckin' shits at this point, he had nothing to live for, maybe Lord Devid that was it! So he slowed down time and rolled out from the wall and shot his Black Hole Pistol at the black men, two of them were hit and you could hear the screams as they died slowly, there intestines being sucked out by the black hole. James a master in the art of war. He could deal with this Ethiopians with ease. Andre was screaming like a little bitch, James could hear him whimpering and crying.

James pushed off his cybernetic leg into the air and landed right on top of a negro crushing his skull, James opened fire on the second who was hit by Jame's insane accuracy. All that was left was Andre who was to scared to even shoot at James, James walked up to the couch and said

"Andre put the fucking gun down, or face my wrath motherfucker!"

"Yo, yo please chill my nigga James"

Andre placed his gun down and faced James, tears streaming down his face

"Yo, James inside this couch is the heroin homie, just chill and take the shit we ain't got no problems bro, I ain't even understand why you hating on me? Was it cause I hit that bitch?"

"No, you called me a lil bitch nigga. No one calls me a "lil bitch nigga".

"Yo, sorry my nigga, I fuckin apologize big G, it ain't about me I was just fucking pumped cause I heard Newcastlem8s on the radio a bit ago and they newest single pumped my testosterone up naw mean yo?"

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Yaaaaaames" James replied and grabbed Andre and put his teeth up on counter, James then curb stomped Andre with his cybernetic leg which in turn literally obliterated Andre's head. James looked over to the girl and said

"Hey, you wanna come back to my place and have some of this James Skag?"

"Oh, of course James you just saved my life... I can't believe it, my name is Katy Perry by the way!"

"Oh, I thought I recognized you I wasn't sure though anyways let's go back to my place and have a ton of vodka, James Trees and of course James Skag"

"Sounds great James, I'll give you a blow job in the taxi for being such a hero too!"

"Sounds good bitch, now get them bazingas over here girl"

James and Katy Perry went back to James apartment, James turned on his DPI player and put on NewcastleM8's James loved NewcastleM8s such a badass band! Katy perry turned to James and said

"Fuck yeah James! I love NewcastleM8s they are so good"

James smiled and took out the James Skag, he injected it into his arm and felt so good, Katy Perry did the same.

James was feeling so good, James felt his pants zipper being opened and he looked down and saw Katy Perry going to work on his penis. James such a champion, such a graceful lord always getting what he wants!

James was feeling happy for the first time in ten years, he felt he could take on the damn planet, this James was powerful he felt almost an aura of confidence overcome him. James and Katy Perry had a wild night and James was feeling damn good.

James passed out from so much drugs, he had visions, terrible ones! He sees Paul Schultz and the Mexican Chalupas falling into a pool of hands who grab Paul Schultz and his Chalupas and drag them to the bottom! James then sees Samuel Feenan at the top of his penthouse with a hole in his back, red eyes peer from inside the hole in his back. Red tears stream from Samuel's face as he stares off into the distance. Lastly, James sees Lord Devid, who is on a cross crucified, in the middle of the ocean, his whole body streams blood from little holes in his body.

James wakes up in a cold sweat, he can barely breathe, those were the most intense visions he's ever had! He had never seen something so wild and real. James looked over and saw Katy Perry sleeping calmly and relaxed. James fell into another depression, and pondered if those dreams were a sign of things to come. He couldn't have some of his favorite people in the world die, it would be too much for him to handle. James got up and went to his balcony, he sat there and listened to the cars below and the sirens of the many police cars. James suddenly felt queasy and threw up off his balcony onto the other balcony below him.

James sat in his own silence for a while now, he couldn't believe those were real visions it wouldn't make sense, he had zero idea what they could even mean. James realized he was a mess and maybe he should talk to someone and clean himself up. James thought for a while about it but decided no thanks. Drugs, Katy Perry, and the thought of his friends especially Lord Devid reading about James's death keep him alive. James could jump off right now but he was strong and he knew time would get better. James headed back to his bed, but his cellphone started to ring. "Who the hell is calling me at three in the morning?" James picked up and it was Lord Devid Halsell.

"Hello? Lord Devid? Why are you calling so late?"

"Hi James, I'm calling cause I need your help, I am in this constant state of paranoia in fact, they are listening and watching right now, I need you, come now, please!"

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